I'm Big Mark and it is time for some ACTION. I've been involved in good times by the way of amusements for the last 30 years. From backyard jams to multi-day festivals to well-known fun parks such as Six Flags, I've been doing it all!  

I'm a BIG believer in a good time but, equally as important as having fun is staying healthy.  Big Marks is more than a ride, its a lifestyle.  The having fun part is good for the mind, it keeps us more vibrant and positive about the world we live in or at least we have created for ourselves!  A sound mind is needed to have a sound body.  We strive to provide experiences that satisfy both of those needs.  When you leave a Big Marks experience you will leave a more fulfilled human being.  

Let's talk SAFETY, I'm ›NARRSO certified, I'm an NJ RCMT Penn Inspector, the Chairman of ROAR, and a long time member of the OABA and NJAA.  All those symbols mean I am SERIOUS when it comes to ensuring that in your pursuit of sound mind and sound body, you are not taking undue risk. We all have a budget for excitement, it should never be compromised by a lack of cautionary oversight.