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Big Marks Action Park provides a full suite of action and amusement-related services.  



Big Mark's provides guidance on all facets of amusement management, production, and operation.  We have the ability to assist or administer event planning, site, and feature selection, gathering of necessary licenses, permits, and initiation of safety programs. Our staff is bolstered by  30 years of amusement experience and are fully trained, certified, and insured. If there is something in the world of action amusement that we don't know, it means it has not yet been invented.

Carnival Swing Ride
Amusement Ride Installation

Feature and Site Selection:


Have a space for amusements or action features? Let Big Marks assist you with figuring out what will work best for your desired demographic. There is a lot of detail and oversight that goes into selecting the best mix of features while also taking into account the terrain, municipalities, and area history.

Big Mark's advises on all feature placements ranging from a single setup to a complete park development.

Arcade Games

Managment, promotion, and marketing:


Looking to put your brand on tour? Need to find a way to the action-oriented lifestyle? From idea creation to execution, and all points in between, let Big Marks manage, produce, and or market your entry point. With successful experience working with Fortune 500 companies on a national basis, we are well equipped to get you in front of your desired audience in a seamless and natural fashion.  

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